Brenda Hamre - Training Leaders - "What you are capable of is astounding!"

May/June 2017 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life-Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI) 
"I enjoyed/learned alot from the practical application activities. The assignments were very helpful. When candidates were able to practice teaching helped especially if they were the ones who had never taught before. The different activities geared toward different learning styles was awesome as well."

...Most valuable was..."Activities before the assignments were due were very helpful. Samples, demos, etc. was amazing."

April 2017 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life-Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI) 
...Most valuable was..."Homework assignments because it felt like I was realistically planning a lesson. (And) Going through it multiple times to make sure everything is covered."

...Most valuable was..."Making our own situations and evaluating ourselves & our peers."

...Most valuable was..."Doing demos and practice pre-assignments day before the real (evaluated) assignment; body breaks and icebreakers."

"I found this course to be completely valuable, start to finish. I have learned alot."

"You (Brenda) are a great instructor, very approachable and won't give up on finding the answer to a question we asked. Very clear and helpful to teach info."

July 2016 - Moosomin, Swim for Life-Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI) 
"I found working as a team of instructors very valuable because in real life, you can communicate with fellow instructors (when) you have a questions."

"You (Brenda) made this course interesting."

Sept 2015 - UofS Saskatoon, Assistant Water Safety Instructor (AWSI)
"Brenda was actually super good...She takes care of her students and is prepared at all times...I could not have found a better instructor to train me.  Thanks for giving me feedback because that helped me improve (a lot)."

"Thank you very much for being a fun, practical & knowledgeable teacher."

June 2014 - Regina, Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid & CPR C/AED Recert
"All was wonderful, love that you take questions and make learning so enjoyable."

"Great instructor, very educational. Acting out situations (most valuable)."

"(Most valuable was) the peer demonstrations, (group) exercises and visual objects."

June 2014 - UofS Saskatoon, Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
"You (Brenda) were awesome and did an effective job of teaching the material.  (You) used a variety of teaching methods and tools.  I feel that they prepared me well for planning, teaching and evaluating in the future.  It was a busy but very worthwhile two weekends."

"It was great!  You both (Brenda & apprentice) were very good at providing feedback and you were always willing to help when anyone had questions."

"I thought you were both awesome and did a great job of providing us with feedback that will help us improve our long-term and daily plans."

"Your enthusiasm made the boring parts of the course seem interesting.  Thank you for real-life applicable examples."

"...Thank you for such a great (couple of) weekends.  I really enjoyed myself.  I can't wait to start teaching swimming lessons.  You have done a great job to (help) get me prepared and very excited."

April 2014 - Swift Current, Swim for Life-Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI) 
"I found most, if not all, valuable & greatly enjoyable...because we were always moving & learning."

"(Most valuable was) doing the assignments, presenting them and then getting feedback...knowing what we can change & work on."

February 2014 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life-Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI)
"Thank you.  You (Brenda) have inspired me to be a better teacher."

Sept 2013 - Regina, Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid & CPR C/AED
"I really enjoyed the course & feel more prepared for situations that may occur in daily life."
August 2013 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life-Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI)
"Brenda was very prepared & knowledgeable about all subjects she was teaching.  She was an amazing instructor."
"...everything had an appropriate purpose & was used as effective teaching aids."
July 2013 - UofS Saskatoon, Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
"You (Brenda) were enthusiastic,  energetic and made the course fun."
"Thank you for making this course so enjoyable.  I learned a lot but had fun while doing it.  There was never a dull moment. (Brenda is) awesome!"
"You did great job of teaching the content...always making it fun and interesting.  I love how you were always able to make us laugh."
"Thanks for being so informative & positive... I really appreciate all of the effort you put into everything to make (it) more effective."
"You (Brenda) were very knowledgeable about everything & had great tips to prepare us to be on our own.  I think you have great fun ideas for everyone to try as well as warn us about things that may happen & how to deal with it."
"I had a great time & learned lots about planning & teaching strategies.  I was never bored because you had so many games & techniques!.  I loved it...and I'm definitely stealing some (of your ideas).  Thanks for your enthusiasm."
"...I loved your real life experiences."
June 2013 - Melfort, SPRA Exercise Theory (Step 1 to becoming Fitness Leader)
Strength of workshop:  "...the wealth of information in general that Brenda (gave) us...Very organized material - absolutely great & in-depth, detailed delivery...Very informative, interesting; hands on workshop/activities & (instructor) enthusiasm."
"Brenda was an excellent instructor who brought a lot of information to our group.  The knowledge will be put to good use."
June 2013 - Moose Jaw, SPRA Aquatic Exercise Module
"I enjoy Brenda's teaching far more than any other fitness instructor.  She knows what she is doing (and) she can facilitate to (leader candidates') needs & is always helping...I would take this course again just because Brenda was teaching it."
"Brenda was strongly knowledgeable & took time to explain (things) until needs were met...(She's) very knowledgeable & very informative."
"Fantastic instructor!  I really learned a lot.  We covered so much...Truly phenomenal (course conductor)..."
June 2013 - UofS Saskatoon, Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
"I felt Brenda was a very thorough and knowledgeable instructor.  Her assignments were always organized and pertained to the class content & aim.  Her enthusiasm for the course travels a long way..."
"I really enjoyed you (Brenda) as a teacher!  I enjoyed how you taught the course & we were not bored (because) you kept us switching activities.  I also liked your energy & how you gave us feedback throughout the course."
"I really liked the course; it helped having all of your experience & stories.  We learned so much...You explained everything well. Thx"
" (Brenda) took it seriously and really prepared us for real world instructing.  Thank you for all of the planning; it will be well worth (knowing) where to start."
"Brenda is an amazing teacher.  I wish we could have had longer to work with her."
"Very well done!  (Brenda) did a good job; (she) held my attention, (was) positive and made sure we knew what we were doing while having fun."
May 2013 - Moose Jaw, SPRA Exercise Theory (Step 1 to becoming Fitness Leader)
"Instructor (Brenda) was fantastic & passed on her enthusiasm."
"Brenda was very informative.  She has an abundance of information and a ton of motivation."
May 2013 - Saskatoon, Lifesaving First Aid Instructor (LFAI)
"Thank you!  As usual you (Brenda) were a wealth of knowledge ..."
"It was all great! (Especially) seeing all of the tips and methods for teaching (like the) props & teaching tools."
April 2013 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life-Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI)
"Brenda was the best aquatic instructor I have ever had."
"I found the entire course valuable as a new method of teaching; that makes me a better (overall) instructor."
"(Most valuable was the) Information regarding the Lifesaving Society & teaching methods as well as how to use them properly.  Quite honestly, everything covered in the course, I considered extremely valuable."
February 2013 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life-Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI)
"Brenda is an awesome instructor.  Best teacher for a long course & long (10hr) days like this."
"I found the review of the (previously learned) content that was not always discussed in great detail (was) explained better (in this course).  I also liked the skills we where taught on how to properly teach a class."
"(Most valuable was) Learning new teaching skills and perceptions.  For (a) 50hr (week), you did a good job on making it go by fast!"
"You are one of the best instructors I have ever had ...I hope to work with or learn from you again.  You are very thorough, understanding, honest, fair & knowledgeable."
August 2012 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life-Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI)
"The assignments helped me get a fell for just how much work it takes to prepare before a Bronze Cross (course)."
"...Instructor (Brenda) was very approachable and available and I wouldn't hesitate to contact her for advice in the future."
"Very informative and thorough course."
July 2012 - UofS Saskatoon, Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
"Brenda was a great instructor; really appreciated the feedback & critique that was constantly received throughout the course."
"Very thorough & made sure everyone is knowledge and prepared to be a certified WSI.  Always willing to answer questions or address concerns."
"It was a great class & I feel very prepared for teaching.  You (Brenda) are very knowledgeable & always had creative activities for us to do."
June 2012 - City of North Battleford, SPRA Aquatic Exercise Module
Major strength(s) of workshop:
"Educated instructor. (She was) enthusiastic about fitness.  Interested in educating others."
"(I) appreciated the various options of equipment available & resources available."
"The way you (Brenda) showed or instructed (demonstrated teaching) a class."
May 2012 - Aquatic Training Symposium Yorkton, Lifesaving First Aid Instructor (LFAI)
"...all assignments were great refreshers; I learned new techniques, tips & info.  Peer teaching was useful & it was fun and a comfortable environment."
"I love the back of the room (teaching tools & props) - the basics of setting up a first aid kit prop kit."
"This course was fantastic!  I enjoyed it (had a good time) & because of the course not only will I be confident in teaching first aid/AEC, it also helped me with my Bronze levels (teaching) & even speed swimming (coaching)."
April 2012 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life & Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI)
"You (Brenda) are a very good, well prepared, knowledgeable instructor."
"Thank you for teaching me.  I had a great experience in your (Brenda's) class and learned many valuable activities.  You are very organized and that is the key to this course.  Great job!"
"Thank you for teaching.  I appreciate the seriousness you (Brenda) put into this course.  And, of course, the effort."
"Thanks for giving clear feedback after we completed assignments & making us give constructive peer evaluations.  I liked being encouraged at the end of the day to look back on what we learned."
"The instructor (Brenda) was very informative.  I like that she was serious and got the point across when necessary but also joked and was personable.  Very knowledgeable and stories of experience were helpful in realizing the reality of first aid and CPR emergencies."
March 2012 - City of North Battleford, SPRA Exercise Theory
"(I) appreciated the variety of learning styles incorporated into the teaching.  (The course was) interactive and engaging; program flowed well."
"(Strength of workshop was the) honesty of the instructor... Brenda was able to keep our attention through her presentations, participation & level of voice."
February 2012 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life & Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI)
"...The situations were great.  I really liked how they applied to real life in Saskatchewan.  Futhermore, the instructor (Brenda) was not afraid to get wet or provide case studies to help us learn."
"You (Brenda) were awesome to have as an instructor.  You got to the point, made it clear and were supportive the whole time."
August 2011 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life & Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI)
"Brenda was an awesome instructor.  Very knowledgeable, approachable and had a great sense of humour... I liked how (she was) always in the water with us where most (trainers) I have had will do everything they can to stay dry!"
"Brenda was very supportive, fair and respectful ...allowed (candidates) to solve problems and make improvements and changes (on own)."
June 2011 - Regina, Lifesaving Society Standard First Aid & CPR C/AED
"It's amazing how the instructor of a course makes all the difference in whether or not you really understand the content.  Our instructor (Brenda) was amazing." 
May 2011 - Swift Current, SPRA Aquatic Exercise Module
"Excellent planning.  There was alot of information to cover & the use of the resource, PowerPoint and group work was well-executed."
"Provided lots of teamwork challenges allowing for a free flow of ideas.  Teams were constantly being changed so you got the opportunity to hear others views.  (Brenda's) sense of humour throughout.  (Brenda) didn't make me feel like I was in high school ...She really treated us as adults learning a new skill."
"Walked away with 'ready to apply tomorrow'`information.  Very enthusiastic instructor - you can tell she  (Brenda) loves what she does."
December 2010 - City of Regina, Assistant Water Safety Instructor (AWSI)
"Brenda is a very good teacher and got a lot through to of the best instructors I have ever had."
October 2010 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim for Life & Lifesaving Instructor (S4LI-LSI)
"The assignments & all of the demos were very valuable!  It has totally increased my teaching knowledge & made me an overall better instructor.  Teaching activities really got me to think outside of what I had been previously taught & I feel alot more prepared."
"The Instructor (Brenda) was great!  I believe I learned a great deal from watching her teach... When teaching or preparing myself, I found myself thinking 'how would she teach/present this?'."
October 2010 - Southeast Connections Kipling, SPRA Exercise Theory
Strength of course - "Knowledge of course conductor (Brenda) in applying theory to a variety of situations (i.e. land, water and older adult)."
"Brenda was an excellent teacher & leader.  I am very glad I took this course in person, not on-line."
June 2010 - City of Moose Jaw, SPRA Exercise Theory
"...material was presented with humour and plenty of activity to create a positive learning environment."
"Brenda's variety of teaching tools made the information clear for different learning styles."
June 2010 - UofS Saskatoon, Swim & Lifesaving Instructor (Swim-LSI)
"Brenda is amazing! She is so inspiring.  Her love of teaching transfers to her students and produces great instructors."
May 2010 - City of Yorkton, Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
"Excellent (WSIT); very well planned, lots of activities.  One of the best courses I've taken."
"Excellent; I liked the creative games & activities."
September 2009 - YMCA Regina, Swim & Lifesaving Instructor (Swim-LSI)
"I found the variety of activities assigned were informative and extremely helpful.  I had alot of fun and am excited to take another course from Brenda!"
"I found this course extremely useful and I would recommend this course to anyone.  I would especially recommend the trainer (Brenda)."
June 2008 - Outlook, Swim & Lifesaving Instructor (Swim-LSI)
"Brenda, you were an awesome trainer.  You are incredibly knowledgeable and really helped us with alot with the questions we had..."
"This was the most fun I've ever had in a swimming course...This has been a great start to a new experience!"
"You were great.  I really appreciated your teaching tools (for kinaesthetic learners)...All of the time you take to prepare, I really appreciate it and we learn more..."
"Thanks for being a wonderful trainer.  Made everything for that much more fun and easier to do.  My best and favourite instructor yet.  Thank you!"  
"Very good, Brenda!  You're an amazing instructor.  You motivate your students to do better and keep everything fun.  We never got bored even in the classroom..."
"...I have never been to a course that was prepared so well!  Style of teaching - inspiring!  Learned lots!"
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