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LEADER CANDIDATES ONLY ...Page updated periodically  
The following items are ONLY intended for course participants of Brenda Hamre.  Please obtain expressed permission to view, download and/or use any of these items. All rights reserved.
SPRA Fitness Leader Candidates
a) Getting Started
b) Exercise Theory Module

CALA - Power Posture.pdf (PDF — 41 KB)
c) Aquatic Exercise Module
d) Older Adult Module

e) SPRA Forms 
Leader Resources-OA.pdf (PDF — 38 KB)

f) Practical Observation (Aquatic or Older Adult Specialty only) 
Once payment is made by cheque or PayPal (see Store Page), please mail the following items within 6 months of course:
  • Copy of your completed lesson plan for class taught
  • Private YouTube access or DVD of 1x 45-to-60 minute or 2x30minute (e.g. with 2 different focuses - one CV & 2nd MSE)
  • OPTIONAL> Pre-paid, self-addressed return envelope if you wish to have DVD returned to you (otherwise, your DVD becomes the property of Brenda Hamre)
g) Finalizing your SPRA Fitness Leader certification
  • Pass Fitness Theory written exam (via course or self-study)
  • Pass Specialty module written exam (via course or self-study if already certified thru other agency)
  • Pass Specialty Practical Observation (via a SPRA Course Conductor)
  • Pass Standard First Aid & CPR C course
  • Submit SPRA Fitness Leader registration form & annual fee (i.e. to SPRA)
 hMaintaining your SPRA Fitness Leader Certification
  • Pay annual registration fee (i.e. to SPRA)
  • Teach at least 20 hours of fitness classes per year (relating to your certification specialty)
  • Attend workshops, on-going training (i.e. collect 12 CECs within 2 years)
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